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Monday Night 

                  NFL Monday Night Football        

                                 PACKAGE A

A business will receive 1 commercial in every MNF  

of the season, plus 50 additional commercials every month of the season, aired on the popular networks.  Total 32 games.

     Cost  $500per month, Sept. thru January.   First              payment due at signing of contract, following            payments due the 1st of each succeeding month.


                      ADDITIONAL MNF PACKAGES


     2 Games per month, plus 75 spots PM  $300 pm

     3 Games per month, plus 100 spots PM $380 pm

  Contact Bill Comb or Jack Deaton  760-508-2944 or                          760-718-2024 at DWM today!


NBA Logo.png


Lakers logo.jpg

The NBA Basketball season runs from October thru

March & the first part of April with the NBA playoffs

begin within a few days of the seasons last game. A business will receive commercials in 70+ games of the regular season, plus an additional 50 commercials per month of the season on a number of other networks.  Cost for the NBA Season: $375 per



Angel Logo.jpg

 The Los Angeles Dodgers will begin their quest to

once again claim their title in the NL West, in what they hope to be  another  World Title in 2023.  Your business can be part of the action with your commercial in their games!



                         DODGERS (Apr-Sept 2022)

                150 Dodger Games  (1 spot  ea. game)  

                    Plus  100 Commercials Per Month

                                  $500.00 Per Month


                           ANGELS (April-Sept 2022)

                 147 Angel Games  (1 spot per game)

         Plus        100  Commercials Per Month

                                 $400.00 Per Month

            ANGELS AND DODGERS (Apr-Sept 2022)

                                      Package A

  150 Dodger games and 147 Angel Games (Apr-Sept)

              1 spot in every game (297 commercials)

          Plus       175 Commercials Per Month 

                               $ 900.00 Per Month

                            PICK YOUR OWN GAMES

      Pick any games April Thru September Dodgers

    or Angels  for $15 per game Angels, or $20  per 

          game Dodgers.  (Minimum of 25 games)





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