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It seems like only yesterday......

40 years ago this year, 1981, Desert West Media was launched. A small audio recording studio in Apple Valley was our beginning. Myself and good friend Greg Carpenter opened a studio near St Mary's Hospital where we recorded radio commercials that aired on Victorville and Apple Valley Radio stations. Within a short time this changed to video commercials that became the first ever to air on cable television in the High Desert. We inserted commercials on just 4 networks, ESPN, TNT, USA, CNN, At this time, and for quite a few years, we had to record the commercials on video tape and physically transport them to the top of quartsite Mt. to insert them into Video Tape Players that were connected to the cable company. Then the arrival of the beginning of digital technology and through the evolution of that, the video production business became a lot easier.

Today Desert West Media produces all digital videos (shot, edited, uploaded, played)

on over 40 available cable networks, social media and designs and creates mobile apps for all types of businesses and organizations and are in the process of developing an online radio station. We have gone full circle.

Bill Comb


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